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Welcome to The Home Front

By Stephanie Dayle

About This Blog
If you've been wondering who this girl is writing for the American Preppers Network that you've never heard of before, or if you follow me on Facebook and you just want to see what I am all about - welcome! You may know me as Lostfalls on the APN Forum.  This is a personal blog, about my life out here in Eastern Washington. I will be posting the articles I write for APN and others about self-reliance on here, along my personal experiences, photos, thoughts, beliefs or whatever I have been up to. It’s about how I choose to live my life with self-reliance, preparedness, and animals. It will also feature everything I am interested in like, canning, food storage, fishing, hunting, photography, hiking, etc… above all it will honest. Frequently the different subjects will all tie into self-reliance, because that’s we are striving for – to be as self-reliant as possible.

The Home Front is an informal, christian, pro-american, pro-Republic, non-conspiracy theory and conservative, privately run blog. It will frequently feature my "opinion" on things, you may not always like my opinion, but as the blog author I have a right to state it and delete any comments I feel are "troll-like" or inappropriate. I support the U.S. Government as a Republic under The Constitution as intended by our Founding Fathers. I support reform and repair of both. I believe in reform through self reliance, education and understanding - not through fear mongering or propagating conspiracy theories. 

I believe in “preparedness through self-reliance.” It's a way of living your life, not just something a person does - and then you don't have to do it anymore.  If one takes to heart the philosophy of self-reliance (“providing needed things for yourself that you would otherwise have had to pay money for” –Phil Burns, APN) by default you are well on your way to being “prepared” for any emergency that may strike. What ‘makes’ someone start preparing is going to be different person to person, but when all is said and done, it's all about our core belief to be reliant on ourselves, and not the government or others. This is what “The Home Front” is all about, because this is the way we 'live'.

Self-reliant preppers have become the new bearers of old information. Taking care of yourself and providing for your family used to be common knowledge, now its rare. If a true disaster ever falls upon this great nation, communities will survive because handfuls of preppers within them have made the effort to learn how to take care of themselves and protect themselves.  Many of us, like the American Preppers Network, have taken the extra step of not waiting for disaster, but are teaching others about preparedness and the self-reliant lifestyle right now.

Communicating With Me: 
Due the nature of how I live, I will not be posting everyday. In fact, it will be fairly random, but I will post when I can. Between a full time job, the animals, the garden, and two additional part time jobs, my time is very limited online. Because of this if you would like to follow me – I highly encourage you to subscribe by email or “follow my blog” with google. To those of you who’d like to converse with me, I will apologize up front for not having time to do that. I hate chat/IM features and programs so I have them all turned off; I also despise texting and even 90% of the phone calls I get. It just always seems to distract me from what I need to be doing, so I keep electronic disturbances to a minimum. However, I am good at responding to comments on the blog, messages or emails as soon as I have time so if you’d like to ask a question or get a hold of me that is the best way to do so.

Will be published right away if you are a registered user, comments on old stuff are always moderated in an effort to cut back on spam. I love to hear from readers! "Troll like" comments (ones that are rotten, attack me, attack my readers, or are just snotty) will be of course deleted immediately but do know that I also save them for my "Troll Wall of Shame" which will be occasionally re-published featuring your blog and/or your public google information for everyone to see. Don't want to appear on the "Troll Wall"? Remember what your mom said, "if you can't say something nice....."

All original content on The Home Front (including pictures) is copyrighted to me. All of the American Preppers Network content is copyrighted to them. Please do not copy and paste my work without permission. Please do not create PDFs of my work for distribution, posting or publication without my permission. All content on “The Home Front” is original unless otherwise stated. I have no problem granting permission in most cases, with proper attribution, but you must ask first. Original photos are all available for purchase – permission for low res educational use may be granted on a case by case bases. Please email me at sdayle@preppersnetwork.com for more information on articles or images.  © 2013 All Rights Reserved. 


  1. I found your blog via a pin on pinterest regarding an article about cooking on a wood stove. It intrigued me, because 5 years Go my husband and I removed our electrical stove from the kitchen of our 1922 farmhouse and installed an antique wood cookstove. I have had many questions about regulating the heat and cooking with my stove, but thoroughly enjoy it. I also can on another antique cookstove in my cannery. It comes in handy when the power is out; I can still bake bread and make good use of the cake mixes I have in my food storage! I guess what I'm trying to say in the most round about way possible, is thank you for a well written article. I, too, love my cast iron, and would never go back to cooking another way.

    Linda Stahr

  2. I am new to your blog, and blogging in general. I just finished reading your intro to the blog, and was surprised how well it fit with my own ideas. I have been a subconscious prepper for many years. Gardening, canning, hunting, fishing and purchasing groc. in bulk. I look forward to learning from your blog, hopefully I can offer some positive input.


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