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"Welcome to My Bunker"

Last summer I was contacted by Marie Claire Magazine through the American Preppers Network, for an article they were doing on women preppers. Marie Claire has been doing a series of articles on women preppers, one for each branch of the magazine (UK edition, Australia Edition, India, and the US).  I spoke to one of their writers and agreed to participate in the article as long as my true exact location and a few other facts were not revealed.

The resulting article titled "Welcome to my Bunker" ran in Marie Claire UK December 2012.

I would like to note here that my view of "OPSEC" is different from alot of preppers, I don't believe in keeping all of my self-relaint activities 'Super Secret'. I believe that I can best teach others by example - and I have seen it work. I don't think the world needs know every single detail of what we have nor my exact address, that is just common sense regardless of whether you are practicing preparedness or not.

Therefore, I do not believe I have taken undue risk by being a part of this article. If someone from the UK wants to sail the ocean, cross the continent, and come find exactly where I live with my preps after some global disaster they would almost deserve them.

For the article they sent out a photographer named William Anthony whom I can highly recommend his services to anyone out there requiring a freelance photographer. He was exceeding well briefed on preppers, our need for anonymity, was non-jugemental, talented, and friendly. He also worked well with animals. Send me an email or PM over facebook and I will send you his contact information.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot. There were more, but these were my favorites.

The article is below. It's important to know when you read this - that it was not meant for us. This was not written for preppers, it was written for an overwhelmingly female audience of what most preppers refer to as sheeple (main stream city dwelling America). This article is meant to momentarily peak the interest of people who are more concerned about what they are going to wear for the day than where their food comes from. This isn't a 'put down' so much as it is just a fact. So don't be too hard on the Magazine.

Displayed below in a culmination of 2-3 hours of interviewing. In general I stand behind everything I said and I am fairy happy with the way the article turned out - however if the conversation were to have been displayed in its entirety including the writers questions my comments it would all make alot more sense.

For an example the question of (EMP) was mentioned in relation to a terrorist attack, which I think is likely, what weapon they would use in that attack - lord only knows, EMP is one possibility of many. And my guess at what would happen in the aftermath was a follow up to the EMP/Terrorist attack question. So as you can see my comments are all related directly to the line of conversation at the time.

It still reads pretty good and conveys a pretty good message. Aside from the writers comment on my "secrecy" (am not sure how she reached that exact conclusion seeings in the previous paragraph she mentions that I write articles for The American Preppers Network about prepping?) I really do like it.


  1. "Aside from the writers comment on my "secrecy" (am not sure how she reached that exact conclusion seeings in the previous paragraph she mentions that I write articles for The American Preppers Network about prepping?)"

    Not to mention the fact that your name is printed along with your picture! lol.

    Wish I could read the article but can't access the scroll bar in the main window, only the left column. =(

    1. Try using the scroll wheel on your mouse it works as well the mouse merely has to be located on that main window and when you use the scroll wheel the article will scroll as well. Hope that helps!


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