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Raising Your Own Beef

By Stephanie Dayle - via I.N.C.H. Survival

I wrote a guest article for the I.N.C.H. survival website. The link is at the bottom of this post.

Cattle bred for beef are amazingly hardy animals that can eat almost unusable pastureland and turn it into high quality protein for people. Homegrown beef is usually always healthier than its grocery store counter parts, because it is far more likely to be pasture fed and since most homegrown beef doesn't spend time in a feedlot it is usually hormone and antibiotic free. There are many benefits to raising your own beef.  

I grew up helping my dad with the cattle he raised, on average we ran 20-30 head of beef cattle every year and even now I try to keep as many as my property will support, as a result I have developed an educated opinion on the different methods of raising beef.  Keeping cattle is one of the many livestock choices a homesteader can make to secure a year's supply of meat and to take that extra step in self-reliance but it's not for everyone. Here is what you need to know about raising your own beef to decide if it's direction you'd like to go. 

Is raising cattle right for you? And how to get started...


  1. A very nice and clear reading intro article.


  2. Dairy cattle can also make good beef cattle, we have raised pure Holstein bull calves for beef and have had great success. We also had a jersey bull calf that yielded great beef. One plus to these guys is they can often be had for little to no cost.

  3. Hi Chickee!! Yep Yep - I coved that in the linked article. Completely agree with you. Thanks SO much for stopping by my new blog!


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