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Labor Day Deals For Preppers!

I love holiday weekends and not just for the time off of work either, mostly for the sales! This is a GREAT shopping weekend for preppers! Be on the lookout for the following items (got another one? Add it to the comments below so everyone else benefits from your finds!) you can pick these items up cheaper this weekend than almost any other time during the year.

Maximize your savings by buying enough to last you at least a year, until its on sale again next year insuring you don't have to pay top dollar for it. Or buy extra to prep for emergencies or both!

  • Charcoal: There are usually lots of good deals on charcoal during Labor Day Weekend check Walmart for double packs of Kingsford for $6-9. Lowes and Home Depot in my area usually have double packs of 20 lb bags for $9.97! To get the maximum storage life out of charcoal, always remember to store your charcoal some where dry in a water tight container away from moisture.

  • Bug Spray: For the home and garden, we all know that there are natural alternatives to chemicals but having some on hand to protect your food stores and family from disease might not hurt.


  • Camp Stoves and Grills: Stores like to put all their grills and camp stoves on clearance this time of year to get the summer equipment out the door so they don't have to take a loss on it. You can find the absolute best deals on them right now.

    Also keep an eye out for grilling accessories like the briquette starting cubes - that you can use to light your briquettes. They are GREAT fire starters in almost any situation for your bug out bags, they light easy and burn hot for an extended period of time when compared to other methods.

  • Propane: Those little canisters are on sale everywhere, I have price threshold in my mind (you may want to start doing this on paper, and after awhile you will just remember it) and when the price per propane canister drops below that threshold of $2.50 I buy. Not until then, because I know from shopping around a lot that they will eventually drop down to that price. I call this a "trigger price". It keeps me from impulse buying and spending too much for a certain item. I try to set a "trigger price" for most of the common things I buy.

  • End of Season Garden Supplies and Tools: Like potting soil,fertilizer, shears and containers.
    • Solar Lights: Many of these are half off, bringing the cost down to a buck or two. You can make chandeliers and lamps out of these to give you some light when there is no power. Simply charge during the day and bring inside at night, or continue to use outside to brighten your perimeter, if the situation allows for that.

      Try to purchase the solar lights that run off of the "AA batteries" - they can then act as an emergency solar battery charger for your location (just look in the top of the light before you buy). The AA solar lights will save you money in the long run as you can simply swap the rechargeable AA battery out with a new one when they stop holding a charge.

    • Canning Supplies: Bi-Mart just had their water bath canner on sale for $14.98 and Walmart also just had one on sale for $18.99 in my area.


    • Hot Dogs: I can them occasionally so its handy if you want to preserve them this way to pick them up cheaply, its amazing how many hotdogs you can fit in a one jar! On that note camping and BBQ food like: ketchup, mustard, beans, and sauce will also be sale. 
    • School Supplies: Are now on clearance almost everywhere, combine this with the weekend sale. Pick up paper tablets for less than 10 cents each, extra pencils for less than a buck, pens, erasers, pencil sharpeners, glue, tape, color construction paper, paint, and other supplies that you will miss when you can't run to the store anymore.
    • School Backpacks: Also are on clearance and many of them would make great get home bags or bug out bags for a child or teenager. If you are on a budget you may want to give the school backpacks a closer look, its always the darker less colorful ones that don't sell - the same ones that could make a good bug out bag.
    • End of Season Camping Supplies: Sleeping bags and tents are big sale items right now. A trip through the camping section is worth your time. Again, stores are going to try to get rid of their inventory because winter inventor is already arriving so there are great deals to be had.

    And last but not least don't forget to double check the ads this Wednesday/Thursday as there will be even more Labor Day deals and sale listed in the paper. Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!


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