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I'm the One in Old Jeans and Tennis Shoes

ATTITUDE WARNING - If you can't handle someone having an attitude about something and venting a little this post is NOT for you! It's my blog, if it bugs you, don't read it. Please feel free to refer to the "About This Blog" page for further reading on why this is. 

You know the girl pushing the shopping cart ahead of you? The one in old jeans and worn-out plain tennis shoes? Yeah, that's me.

And those jeans I'm wearing? Aren't old - I live out in the country so I work in them (work at home, is when you have chores to do inside the house and outside that are fairly physically exerting and if YOU don't do them, no one else is going to do them, and if they don't get done either something gets damaged or something dies) so my jeans get worn out, stained and sad looking pretty fast. I don't have the time, money, nor really the inclination to go buy a pretty new pair of jeans (that I kinda consider useless and a slight waste of money) just to go shopping in them, therefore ALL of my jeans are work jeans. When I leave here today I am going home to do some more 'work' (see definition above) so I am wearing my work jeans today.

The shoes I am wearing - the worn out tennis shoes? Those are the most comfortable shoes I own. I am wearing them because, since I am in town, I am going to be doing alot of walking. When you live "out of town" (this means at least 30 miles away if not more from the closest mall or Starbucks, okay sweetie?) and if you have to drive into town you're going to get everything you need in one trip. I am going to be moving at a good pace without my cell phone being glued to my head so I am not wearing anything with a heel, or anything that would rub a blister - in fact if you'll notice I will be out of here with more "useful stuff' (things one might actually use to make food from scratch and cook it at home - us country folks also call it 'real food' or things we might need to repair our own homes or cars or to feed to our own animals) than you think is necessary for one person to buy, fast enough to make your head spin; that is, if it weren't attached to your phone or busy chattin with girl friend.

I have many stops to make today, not just one and then a 'pedi' with the 'girls' after lunch. I will visit 4 stores to get the best prices on certain items and use coupons (little pieces of paper you can print off the internet or clip out of the newspaper with scissors that make what you are already buying cost less) then head home as fast as I can to feed hungry animals, do chores, and feed a hungry husband (since we have no instant food at our house one of us has to actually make dinner - not just thaw it, and since we don't 'eat out' - it's usually me that makes dinner because I believe that's what real wives do). My version of a 'pedi' is simply called "me time" and it is done at home for free. If I want to spend time with the 'girls' I will invite my other country friends over if they have time, and we will all have some "me time" with some homemade wine and light a fire in the backyard for free.

You will see me darting quickly around various stores with a concerned look on face. That's because I am not having fun (not having fun means: you don't enjoy what you are currently doing, it brings you little to no joy), I do not enjoy spending money, and I really don't like spending the day in town trying to get around people like you.  So if you see that little eye roll out of the corner of your eye, my attitude is not based in envy of you - its based in pity then drowned in irritation at having to get around you at every turn because you're parked in the middle of the aisle texting on your cell phone, in front of me at check out with your chart full of what I consider to be useless crap (stuff that is instant to make, full of preservatives and chemicals, stuff that you cannot store for any length of time or stuff that serves little to no purpose other than to look pretty) or in front of me blocking the entire lot in your newly washed car while you wait patiently with your blinker on for that parking spot up front. 

The next time you're shopping if you even notice me at all - don't think I am the next great candidate for TLC's What Not to Wear, just think of other people for a few seconds and get your pretty little dainty butt out of my way.


  1. Ah heck, just run 'em over! lol Good one! :)

  2. You tell em like it is girl!

    J- Gal


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